Learning, Inspiration, Projects & Zines

I am very interested to get involved once more with contributing to zines!

The story so far:

I have contributed a piece of writing to a publication called BULLIED volume 2 & found this a great experience of speaking up about things that really matter to me and getting my voice heard.  I am very hopeful and positive that my past experiences will help with this anti-bullying project and for the future of myself and others.

Future aspirations:

I am hoping to also find out about some zine workshops happening locally for people to attend and get involved. My sister also has an interest in zines and we both see creating zines as something very creative to do. So far I have found out that there have been zine making workshops locally in Northamptonshire but they happened a couple of years ago. They sounded like great opportunities.

If you know of any opportunities such as call for submissions or workshops, please feel free to comment on this post if you wish.  It will be appreciated as I know many others could also value the chance to get involved. I will also try to update this post as I find more opportunities.



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